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De-Aeration Machines

A Unique Principle Of Operation

Improves Your Products:
• Appearance • Composition • Filling & weight in packaging • Process • Production time • Quality • Shelf life • Uniformity

De-Aeration Machines: Product

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The material in process is drawn into the vacuum evacuated versator chamber through the product feed assembly. At the end of the product feed assembly, the specially designed spreader ring spreads the material onto the centre of the rotating versator disc in widening spirals. As the film of material approaches a maximum velocity, it is progressively attenuated – tapering from a few thousandths of an inch to a fraction of a thousandth of an inch.

The rotation of the versator disc and the vacuum of the versator chamber create a considerable frictional drag between the Versator disc surface and the material film with unusual levels of shearing force and turbulence. The film of material is on the versator disc surface for only a fraction of a second and is picked up at the versator disc’s outer edge by the product discharge (scoop tube) assembly and is discharged from the versator chamber. Resulting in… Deaeration, defoaming, degassing – an effective removal of entrapped air, foam or gas. An efficient mixing, blending, homogenising, dispersing, emulsifying action.

The Versators unique process design…. • Does not apply mechanical pressure to the material in process • Can work on any hot or cold flowable material • Can work in continuous or batch process • Creates minimal loss of product • Is easy to clean with a low amount of maintenance • Has few parts that are subject to wear

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