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Eiger Torrance supply a range of beadmills to fit your needs. There are a range of sizes including smaller mills for Lab Trials going as small as 25millilitre as well as full production mills up to 250 litre.

We also offer trials on our machines before purchasing to prove that Eiger-Torrance has the right machine for you.

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Some More Infomation on Our Mills

A low cost, easy to operate solution to your dispersion or particle reduction problems. Available in both PILOT and PRODUCTION sizes from 1000ML to 250L, all our mills have the unique direct drive system which provides unbeatable mechanical seal reliability and low maintenance requirement. The DDS System A simple and low cost method of driving the Agitator shaft eliminating the need for belts and pulleys. • Reduces Costs • Reduces Maintenance • Improves Seal Reliability THE MILL OF CHOICE FOR COMPANIES THE WORLD OVER!

Typical Applications • Automotive, Industrial, Decorative & Marine Paints Inks • Automotive Emission Management Systems • Battery Technology • LCD and Similar Electronic Applications • Agro Chemicals • Dyes • General Chemical • Water Treatment Plants Eiger

Separation Systems Dependant upon the material to be ground and the results required, a choice of separation system can be offered allowing a wide choice of grinding media to be used including high density ceramic media down to 0.6mm diameter. Contact Materials - A variety of contact materials can be provided to match the process requirements. Agrochemical or water treatment products for example benefit from polyurethane components which provide extremely high wear resistance along with excellent grinding results when used in combination with a saddle type separation screen allowing easy bead loading and screen replacement without removing the grinding media.

Eiger can also offer a complete ceramic chamber, agitator and separation system for products where metal contamination is not allowed. For example, medical or pharmaceutical application. Control Systems The versatile drive system allows single speed, dual speed or variable speed options to be employed.

In addition, full PLC control can be added. This provides easy to read information on the running parameters of the mill including: • Kw/Hrs operation • Agitator Tip Speed • Product Temperature • Seal running parameters • Safety and control interlocks

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